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Cork Flooring

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Cork FlooringYour satisfaction is our first priority M & M Custom Flooring. We opened over 10 years ago, offering quality products, at very competitive prices, with expert advice and professional installation.

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Why Cork is an Exceptional Choice

Cork has a unique appearance that will complement your room's decor. Cork flooring provides a warm, quiet floor that is easy to clean and may last up to 40 years.

Cork is a natural and renewable material since trees are cut down. Did you know that Cork is manufactured from the bark of cork oak trees, which are native to Spain, Portugal, and Tunisia?

Unique Characteristics of Cork Flooring

Durable Cork resists cracking, abrasions and it repels liquids. When you rearrange furniture, most indentions will bounce back.

Mold Resistant Cork naturally resistant mold, mildew and even termites.

Fire Resistant Cork will only melt or ignite at very high temperatures and cork releases far less toxic material than vinyl flooring.

Cork is easily maintained. A vacuum cleaner and a mop are all that is required to keep your cork floors looking like new.

Cork Patterns and Finishes

We want you to appreciate the unique textures and shades that cork offers. We recommend you visit our showroom today to handle and compare our cork samples.

Marigold Natural Mahogany Tangerine
Marigold Natural Mahogany Tangerine

The owner of M & M Custom Flooring has extensive cork floor installation experience and closely supervise every installation. Additionally, unlike others, our installation teams can repair most subflooring problems.

Competitive Pricing
Because we purchase large quantities cork flooring from our flooring manufacturers, they provide us with excellent pricing that we pass on to you.

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