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Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Sanding

Return the Original Beauty to your Wood Floor

At M & M Custom Flooring, Your Satisfaction is our First Priority. We opened M & M Custom Flooring over 10 years ago, offering quality flooring products and hardwood floor refinishing at very competitive prices.

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Does your floor need refinishing?

You already know that your quality hardwood floor has increased the value of the home. Checking your floor regularly is just common sense. Pour a tablespoon of water onto a high traffic section of your floor. If the water forms droplets that remain resting on top of the wood, your finish is in good condition. However, if the water soaks into the wood, slowly or immediately, it is time to protect your investment. You may see scratches and dings that reduce the floors once brilliant and appealing look. Floor refinishing will remove most unsightly dings and scratches.

Can you refinish your engineered wood floor? The top layer of your engineered floor is a thin layer of solid wood. Depending on the quality of your engineered floor, it may be refinished one or perhpas two times.

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Competitive Pricing • Excellent Customer Service • Warranty Protection

Wood floor refinishing cost is based on the total number of square feet, plus the estimated labor and materials. Since each floor refinishing project is unique, please call us for a free estimate.

When choosing the right company to re-finish your wood floor, your decision should include the warranty protection. Who will be available if you do require warranty service? M & M Custom Flooring has been at the same location for 10+ years and our reputation is based on hundreds of very satisfied customers.

Do you have a stair case - with or without carpeting? Does it require some TLC? We are experts at staircase staining & refinishing.

Unhappy with your carpeted stairs showing well-worn and embarrassing carpet wear patterns? Have you considered changing the stair steps from carpet to solid treads? Wood treads are more durable than carpet and solid wood treads will increase the value of your home. We can match your existing wood floor or suggest a material that will complement the adjacent floor coverings.

FAQs - Floor Refinishing

Q: How long does the process take?
The average time is three days. Refinishing requires several processes, plus drying time. If you require new staining, that will add one or two days. Although this may seem inconvenient, your hardwood floor will look just like the day your floor was installed.

Q: Can we remain in my home during the refinishing process?
Yes, it is possible, but you cannot walk on the floor during the sanding / refinishing process. Additionally, the chemical odors from the sealers and stain may be too strong for your family and pets.

Q: You advertise Dustless sanding – how effective is your process?
The process is 99% dust free, so there will be some dust remaining. Our equipment is "state of the art" and our high power vacuum will collect 99% of the dust during the sanding process. We use plastic to cover nearby furniture, and our hardwood sanding experts will vacuum the finished floor and all of the sanded room's baseboards.

Q: When can I place furniture or walk on the floor?
Our restoration experts will provide a timeline and explain when you can walk on your floor, move your furniture, and how to protect the floor. It is typically 24 hours after we apply the last floor coat.

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